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What is Circle?

We created the Circle Women's Health Platform quite simply because the Providence Health & Services providers wanted something for their patients that just didn't exist on the market-provider-approved women's and children's health content in an easy-to-use mobile app. We knew that if our providers were asking for it, then other systems would want it, too.

Circle is a women's health app designed to facilitate and nurture the relationship between patients and their healthcare system. Providers can use Circle in the office with patients to answer questions and track goals. Outside the office, patients can use Circle to get authoritative information (instead of from the internet), check off to-dos, connect with MyChart or other health records, and get after-hours care and support. With patients' frequently asked questions answered, providers are free to address individual clinical concerns during appointments. Our flexible content management system lets you provide patients information specific to your practice. Circle allows you to build an ongoing relationship with a family as it grows and grows up.

Improve health outcomes for
your patients

Generate strong engagement with
the CMO of the family-Mom

Create loyalty to your
healthcare system

How Circle Benefits Health Systems

Circle helps patients: Women appreciate the peace of mind they get from knowing that the content in the Circle app is provider-approved. Providers like that they get to spend their time in the office with patients addressing individual concerns instead of countering bad information from Internet searches. Watch a video to see how Circle has made one new mom's life a bit easier.

Circle increases trust: Women using Circle are selecting our employed pediatric providers at a much higher rate than our baseline data. With increased patient retention levels, the app pays for itself. Millennial patients view the addition of Circle as a sign that their system is embracing technology and meeting them on their turf: the phone.

Circle exceeds expectations: Patients download and register on the Circle app at a rate that is more than five times the industry baseline. After downloading the app, they interact with it at least once a week—much more frequently than with their personal health records. Engaged app users equal engaged and returning patients.

Tanya Sorensen, MD, Executive Director for Women's Services at Swedish Medical Center.
"Our providers have definitely felt the impact of Circle by Swedish. They've told me that Circle users seem better prepared and more confident about their pregnancy experience."

Tanya Sorensen, MD
Executive Director for Women's Services
Swedish Medical Center

Trina Jellison, RN,Vice President of Clinical Program Services, Women and Children's Portfolio.
"Providence struggles with how to educate our L&D patients about the benefits of seeing our pediatric primary care providers for their new babies. Circle changed all of that."

Trina Jellison, RN
Vice President of Clinical Program Services
Women and Children's Portfolio

Kellie Ryan, Manager, Women's Health Product Lines, Swedish.
"It's challenging for patients to learn about all of our services. Circle makes it easy. The app has been especially effective in helping us promote our new Doula and Maternal Mental Health programs."

Kellie Ryan, Manager
Women's Health Product Lines

Patient Benefits


Women take control of their and their family's health with trackers for pregnancy weight gain, fetal movement, feeding, diapers, and more.


Articles and to-dos are personalized to a patient's stage of growth and localized to her community. All content has been approved by Providence providers.


Circle offers patients easy access to your system's services, including after-hours care and support. Articles about developmental milestones let moms know that their child is on track.


EMR integration lets patients track appointments and get reminders. Localized content connects moms to community resources when they need them.

Circle Home Feed with personalized appointments and articles.

Explore the App

Home Feed

The Circle app opens to the Home feed, where regular updates, to-do list items, and articles are personalized to the stage of the mother's pregnancy or her child's age.

Content specific to your clinics or health system can be tagged by age or stage to show up on the Home feed.


The library of Circle articles is both searchable and browsable from the Learn section. Topics cover pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, baby development, toddlers, teens, and everyone in between.

To Do List

Personalized to a woman's stage in pregnancy or the age of her child, the To Do List recommends actions such as classes or tests and offers supporting articles.

Once an item is complete, the mom can check it off her list and feel a sense of accomplishment.


The Circle app offers trackers for pregnancy and parenting, including trackers for pregnancy weight, fetal movement, feeding, and diapers. More trackers are under development.

Trackers offer moms a sense of control over and understanding about their health. Providers can discuss home-feed tracked during visits.

Your Team

The Your Team section gives patients easy access to their provider and appointment home-feed if they're connected through your EMR.

You can customize the Services area within Your Team to promote classes, breastfeeding groups, home-feed for low-income families, or other resources available to your patients.

Current Partners

These health systems are offering their patients personalized and localized pregnancy and parenting information. Your patients could be next!

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Interested in Bringing Circle to Your Patients?

The Circle Women's Health Platform gives your patients personalized, localized pregnancy and parenting information. More importantly, it gives them peace of mind.

And it's easy for you, your providers, and your IT team. Circle is a configurable, turnkey solution that offers you a rapid return on your investment. We can implement the system quickly and efficiently-in most cases, in fewer than three months. Contact us to see how we can adapt Circle to your systems for your patients and your providers.