Amazon defeats all 15 shareholder’s proposals at the annual meeting


Amazon defeats all shareholder’s proposals at the annual meeting

Amazon easily defeated the record-breaking 15 proposals from workers and activist groups who were pushing to make this year’s meeting about the company’s track record on warehouse safety, and human rights. Tech enthusiasts and workers embraced the shareholder proposal as an opportunity to publicize their concerns about Amazon’s treatment of employees.

Amazon workers are demanding better safety standards and more transparency about how their company operates. Workers are also protesting the fact that Amazon is getting tax breaks while paying low wages and having poor working conditions.

Shareholder proposals have become an increasing trend among tech workers and activists. In 2019, the average number for an Amazon meeting was around 3-4 proposals. Since then, it has increased to over 10 proposals. Other major tech companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have also seen a similar increase.

Tech companies are doing a lot better when it comes to conducting audits of their services. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are now being forced to do audits of their practices.

Amazon shareholders are trying to make changes to the company by proposing new ideas. These proposals may be seen as a warning sign about possible problems ahead. Amazon employees are being laid off because of the economy. A cloud security company is laying off 20 percent of its workforce. A well-funded startup is cutting jobs due to the economic downturn.


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