College Enrollment Drops, Even as the Pandemic’s Effects Ebb

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College Enrollment Drops Even as the Pandemic’s Effects Ebb

A generation of students may be wondering if college is still the ticket out of poverty. College costs are rising faster than inflation. Students are struggling to pay tuition bills while working part-time jobs or going to school online. Some schools are cutting back on programs. Colleges are also facing lawsuits over student debt.

The number of students enrolling in college has dropped drastically since the COVID-19 outbreak began. This may be due to the fact that many people are afraid to go to school because of the virus.

Doug Shapiro, the center‘s executive director, suggested that the numbers and breadth of the declines suggest an underlying change, as people question whether college is the right ticket to the middle class or a good-paying job..

Prospective college students should weigh the relative value of jobs requiring or expecting a college degree against equally appealing opportunities that do not. Students who choose the latter option might regret it later when they realize that they could have been earning more money if they had taken advantage of the opportunity to earn an advanced degree.


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