American Bar Association May Eliminate Standardized Tests for Admissions


NY Times ABA May Eliminate Standardized Tests For Law School Admissions

Law school admissions tests are not required by any state or federal government. The American Bar Association does not mandate them either. However, some states do require standardized tests for applicants. In New York, for example, the State Education Department requires students to pass an exam before applying to law school.

The bar association leaders are right. Test optional admissions policies are bad for minorities. Students who take the LSAT should be admitted based on their scores alone.

The American Bar Association supports ending standardized testing for law school admissions. This is a very important issue because the current system discriminates against people who do not score well on standardized tests. It is also a very controversial topic. There are many different opinions about this issue. Some believe that the test should be eliminated completely. Others think that the test should be kept but that it should be changed. People who support eliminating the test say that it does not measure intelligence or ability to learn. They argue that if students want to go to law school then they need to work hard and study. Those who oppose the elimination of the test say that the test measures intelligence and ability to learn. They say that if you don’t take the test then you won’t get into law school. They also point out that there are many other ways to evaluate applicants besides taking a test.

The ABA committee recommends dropping standardized testing requirement for law school admissions. This recommendation was made after the Supreme Court ruled that the use of standardized tests by law schools violates equal protection rights. The ABA committee also recommended that law schools should be allowed to drop the requirement of standardized test for admission.

Mike Spivey, ABA strategic review committee recommends elimination of standardized test requirement. Washington Examiner, American bar association endorses dropping lsa for law school admission. Washington post, no lsat? legal group weighs test optional admissions for law schools. the week, another standardized test bites the dust. will standards follow?


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