Helping teachers pay for classroom supplies


Helping teachers pay for classroom supplies 

Teachers do as much as they possibly can to help their students succeed. They’re not throwing pizza parties nor are they wasting their time on frivolous things. They’re spending their own money on classroom supplies without being reimbursed by the government. They’re not spending their money on anything else.

As the cost of education increases, schools spend more of their budget on classroom supplies. This leads to an increase in teacher spending. Students who do not have access to adequate supplies suffer academically.

Teachers already wear many hats. With budget cuts and insufficient salaries they’re also adding fundraiser to their job descriptions. Luckily, there are plenty of organizations that want to help them equip their classrooms.

Mobile apps and business partnerships bring in class supplies

ClassTag is an app for parents and teachers to communicate and raise funds for school supplies. The app allows parents to send messages to teachers about how much money they’ve raised for class projects. Teachers can then use this information to decide what kind of project they should assign students. ClassTag is a great way to get your child involved in raising money for school supplies.

ClassTag gives out rewards for parents who engage in class activities. Parents can exchange these coins for free school supplies donated by major brands. This program encourages parent involvement in schools.

Crowdfunding makes fundraising easier

Crowdfunding can be used to help fund school supplies, but teachers should first consider what their students need before deciding how much money to ask for. Teachers should also be aware of the risks associated with using crowdfunding to raise funds.

Yung uses a Wall of Donors bulletin board outside his classroom as an appreciation tool for those who support him. He posts pictures of thank you notes, tags donors, and shares links to the fundraiser on social media. Teachers with their own website or blog can run their class fundraising using online forms. On these donation forms, teachers can list the items they want, how much each item cost, and how many items are required. Digital forms can even integrate with secure payment systems like Paypal to seamlessly accept donations online! Teachers can then directly invite their parents, friends, and community to donate.

Local nonprofits and businesses offer discounts

Local non-profits recognize the financial challenges teachers face. Many are stepping up to help by donating school supplies. PENCIL helps collect and distribute these supplies to public school teachers in Nashville. Teachers can come into the center once a semester to shop for all the free supplies needed.

Teachers can spend anywhere from hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on classroom supplies. To save money, some teachers use recycled materials, such as old textbooks. Others make do with what they have available. Some schools offer free classes to teach children how to sew, paint, and draw. Other organizations provide grants to help teachers pay for things like art supplies and computers.

Major companies offer discounts and loyalty program to teachers. Teachers get discounts on their personal purchases and can contribute more to the classroom by using these discounts.


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