Is it available on all smartphones?

Circle is available on iPhones and Android phones.

Who approved the content?

More than a dozen providers from Providence Health & Services and Swedish Medical Group reviewed and approved the copy. Provider types included Family Medicine, OBs, Pediatricians, IBCLCs, CNMs, ARNPs, and Health Educators. Knowing that information has been vetted by working doctors and nurses helps give your providers confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of the content.

What if my system wants to use different content?

The Circle content management system enables the content to be specific to each system and practice. We’ll work with you to localize content such as new classes, local resources, parking information, and more.

Is the content available in any language other than English?

Circle is only available in English at this time. Additional languages are on the roadmap.

Who is the patient’s information shared with?

No one. If she wants to share any of her tracking data (weight, movement, or feeding tracker), she can bring the app into the office and share it in person.

How do our patients participate?

Once you have localized the Circle app for your health system, patients can download it for free by going to the App Store or Google Play on their phone.

What marketing support do you offer to new health systems?

In addition to the work you’ll do to promote Circle to your patients, we’ll help you with a best practices marketing toolkit with digital and print resources, SEM campaign design support, and help with a social media and grassroots marketing plan.

Can I try Circle on my own phone?

Absolutely! See what we’ve done for Swedish Medical Center by downloading at the App Store or from Google Play.

How can I get Circle for my health system?

We’d love to help! Implementation is rapid and rewarding. Fill out the Contact Us form below.

Interested in Bringing Circle to Your Patients?

The Circle Women's Health Platform gives your patients personalized, localized pregnancy and parenting home-feed. More importantly, it gives them peace of mind.

And it's easy for you, your providers, and your IT team. Circle is a configurable, turnkey solution that offers you a rapid return on your investment. We can implement the system quickly and efficiently-in most cases, in fewer than three months. Contact us to see how we can adapt Circle to your systems for your patients and your providers.