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Wildflower Health Acquires Circle, an Innovative Mobile Health Business Incubated by Providence St. Joseph Health
PSJH June 21, 2018

"We are quickly creating an ecosystem that allows for individual users to access benefits and resources from their health plan, provider, employer and local community all within one app," said Sparks. "Think about how different that is from the status quo in healthcare and the typical experience for individuals as they try to navigate a complex, confusing and fragmented system."

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The Consumerism Movement In Healthcare: How It's Making A Difference
Forbes April 13, 2018

One example of this new personalized care is Providence’s simple, powerful Circle app, which Providence’s Digital team devised to help mothers through the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood. The app is a one-stop, handheld guide to everything from breastfeeding to teenager interactions, and offers a consolidated view of all family appointments with healthcare providers.

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Circle by Providence: Free App Answers All of Your Pregnancy and Parenting Questions March 10, 2018

Did you know women make most of the health decisions for their families? Nearly 90 percent of moms oversee the health of their children, as well as their spouse, parents and in-laws. That’s a lot of responsibility, considering 70 percent of U.S. women with children under age 18 also work.

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Pregnant? There are apps for that
Daily News Tribune March 8, 2018

St. Francis Medical Center recently released its own pregnancy and motherhood app, Circle by OSF. The Circle by OSF app provides resources for pregnancy and motherhood, with features like a feeding and diaper tracker, and an immunization schedule calendar aimed at helping young mothers.

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Patient Engagement through Personalized Consumer Health
GeekWire November 14, 2017

Ultimately, Circle’s value is in capturing the customer lifetime value of the most valuable consumer in healthcare, the female “Chief Medical Officer” of the family who controls approximately 90% of health-related spend.

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How St. Joseph Providence Health is using tech to engage, empower patients
MobiHealthNews October 23, 2017

“Fundamentally, the most underutilized person in healthcare is the patient,” she said. “How do we actually work with the patient so they can be much more effective at providing their own healthcare in a way that’s much more satisfying for them?”

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Providence makes app for expecting, new mothers
Spokane Journal October 12, 2017

The goal that Providence is trying to meet is to be able to have this app available to you when you’re thinking about starting a family and have it continue until your child graduates from high school.

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Providence St. Joseph Health Meeting the Needs of Today's Health Care Consumer
Press Ganey July 21, 2017

Before we deployed Circle, the rate at which moms became established in our primary care network post-partum was around 30-40% on average. Circle has in some cases doubled that.

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What Does Innovating At the Ends of the Value Chain Mean for Healthcare?
Geek Wire July 11, 2017

...we are engaging with our patients on an ongoing basis through a personalization platform starting with women’s health, called Circle, which provides women with relevant content, products, and services that are needed to manage their health and the health of their families.

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Providence Health uses apps to help time-starved new moms
DigitalCommerce360 May 1, 2017

Providence Health and Services sees mobile app development as a key way to engage time-starved young moms—and build patient retention and brand awareness as it develops a digital healthcare tool it can license to other health systems.

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Fast Forward Academy October 2016

My favorite app I've found recently is Circle App. The first words you see when you download this app are... "you have a million questions. We have an app". YES! The amount of times I've googled "week 12", "week 13", "week 14" during pregnancy probably had those search items trending in my area.

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Stop Amazon? Providence exec illuminates long-term impact of 'invaders'
Puget Sound Business Journal September 30, 2016

Like the former Boeing engineers and ex-Microsoft execs before them, the Amazon invaders are bound to take the Northwest economy in directions we never could have imagined.

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Providers can create environment to promote health care innovation
Catholic Health Association May 15, 2016

Providence Health & Services wanted to drive innovation throughout its five-state service area, so it turned to a leader from the digital world to guide Providence's work in technology improvement.

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